"2in1forU" notebook
Idea-design entry "FUJITSU DESIGN AWARD 2011 - A LIFE with Future Computing" - LIFEBOOK category
The competition asked partecipants to create new lifestyle from next-generation computing.  LIFEBOOK’s brand concept must have the four values innovation: Innovation, Reliability, Human Centric, Green.
Why we should have at home a notebook with additional keyboard and mouse? Why don't create a notebook demountable? Here 2in1forU! A notebook where keyboard and touchpad are taken out and used separately in a wireless system when we are at home and we want stay confortable. 2in1forU mounts a touch keyboard and a touchpad designed with a wheel button also it's not a mouse. Either keyboard or touchpad mount solar cell to reload battery used in wireless system.

Rendering 1 and 2
Rendering 3 and 4
Usability and design study

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