Idea-design entry for online international competition "Mini Design Award 2008"
MINI with IED and ADI announce a contest with theme: The future of the city: the environment. Giving value to water. Projects and valuable suggestions for the city: the fountain to quench your thirst, the water games, to the pool or to the thermal plant. The theme is water to be processed as a necessity, water as a resource, water as a piece of street furniture, water as a source of well-being, but also water as a value to communicate. It is about giving shape to the water, through design processes that are able to give it substance, image and value through visual communication.

Urban and square views
Details on square and composition with watergames
Urban profile and technical sections
Aqua-jar is designed thinking an ancient anphora renewed in style for the modern time.
The idea is to insert a watergame in an urban furnishings. It has a double intention: give a message on value of water (the anphora as an idea of water collection and preservation of water) and furnishings that valorizes building environment. The example shows an urban insertion: a coloured, playful and dynamic composition with Aqua-jar that gives new life to urban square.

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