Canali "DOUBLE"
Idea-design entry for international design competition "The italian square"
Pircher Spa announces a competition for the design of urban furnishings and water collection products. The competition requires participants to use concrete as the main material, although it is expressly stated that the use of concrete in conjunction with other materials, especially wood, will be appreciated. Participants are required to propose new products with innovative design and/or function, and are given full creative freedom.

Renderings of fountain with watergames and boulevard
Contest panels
Section on fountain with watergames and boulevard
Models A and B
Designing squares it's necessary don't forget the plants, because they can interfere with usability and the global vision of designed space. The idea is to couple water pipe with urban furnishings as flower vases or plants for watergames. MODEL A: The model is designed to create flower vases at the street borders. The pipe is in concrete and have a galvanized grill. MODEL B: The model is designed for the plants of play of water. The grill is a part galvanized and a part in concrete.

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