Project space 710
Idea-design entry for international design competition "colorsdesigner" (1 stage)
Colordesigner is an international competition open to designer, called to develop new retail concept, applicable to big international clothes group (stores with 500 m2 of surface area). It's promoted by, it's a challange to design to find new creative and eco-sustainble solution, that they can express the quality of space, of product and of service. Spaces of the future, thinked not only for the exhibits and the sale of the product but also for the communication, the interaction with the client, the aggregation, spaces were live a social experience, dedicate their time themselves throught it's like them, spaces where new messagges and new cultural events were proposed, spaces where a qualitative "urban event" is created. The designer is free to choose the elements of project. The competition is developed in two stages. In the first stage there in not functional restrictive clause or layout, also the designers must consider accessibility, reception, comfort of the type of store. In the second stage the designers must develop the executive project.
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